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Klutina King Salmon

Gulkana King Salmon.


Fishing for the mighty Copper River King Salmon


Fish with Salmon Grove for the trophy Copper River king salmon on the Klutina River, Gulkana River and Tonsina River.

King Salmon are the largest species of salmon and a Copper River king is one of the most exciting fish to catch! The swift current of the Klutina River and other Copper River tributaries give the mighty king salmon a unique advantage.  The average Klutina River king is about 30 pounds with small numbers of fish reaching up to 70 pounds.  King salmon are known to "bite" bait and will be aggressive toward artificial lures and most any streamer fly.  To fish for king salmon we primarily use two techniques; drift fishing and slip float fishing.  Both techniques are best achieved with casting equipment and we provide you with top of the line bait-casting rods and reels. The idea is that when you cast you line into the water the lead weight quickly sinks and the current carries your line downstream allowing the bait and attractor to float slightly off the bottom into the fish target zone.  Each hole is a little different and your guide will make sure that your leader length and the amount of lead you are fishing is appropriate for each specific drift. Setting up your tackle to match the current will help the presentation of your bait look natural to the fish.  We will teach you how how to cast, where to cast and how how to manage your line throughout the drift, when to set the hook and how to land a big fish in fast water. Always remember one of most important aspects of drift or float fishing is managing the slack in your fishing line. The more slack the fewer fish.  Our expert guides know where the best places to fish for king salmon are and can teach you how to read river water and track migrating king salmon. We will provide detailed information regarding all aspects of king salmon fishing and more during your king salmon adventure!

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