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Copper River Red (sockeye) Salmon are the most prized salmon for both flavor and texture. The red salmon spend most of their adult life in the saltwater. Unlike the other 4 species of salmon the red salmon are filter feeders and this makes them the least aggressive salmon. What this means to us anglers is that most of the time they do not usually strike out of aggression. In some instances the red salmon will strike but about 75% of the time they are actually not biting at all. Well how do you catch a salmon that doesn't bite? Techniques called lining, flipping or flossing are utilized to catch the sockeye. The idea is that when the red salmon are swimming up stream you will place the line in the fishes mouth and pull it tight setting the hook into the jaw. Even though the technique may sound tricky it can be mastered. First you have to make sure you are standing in a good place to fish for migrating red salmon. The rest is all about technique. We can assure you will achieve a productive drift for the location you are fishing. Where are the fish in the river and what makes one fishing hole better than others? Red salmon fishing takes time to master but we can help speed up the process.


Mile 100, Old Richardson Highway, PO Box 115, Copper Center AK 99573 us


Fishing for Copper River Red Salmon

At Salmon Grove we provide you with quality fly fishing rods to fish for Copper River Red Salmon.  The red salmon we are targeting are swimming upstream only a few feet from the bank. The proximity of the fish to where you are standing is so close that we do not use a traditional fly cast to place the line in the water. Instead the line is simply flipped out only 3-5 feet from the tip of the rod.  Just be sure to let out a "fish on!" so your fishing buddies can know your about to land a nice catch!

We fish for Copper River Red Salmon on the areas best rivers; Klutina River, Gulkana River and Tonsina River.

Fish with us for the famous Copper River Red Salmon on the Klutina River, Tonsina River and Gulkana Rivers

2017 Rates


$300/full day