Copper River, Alaska Fishing 

Klutina River

The Klutina River is a fast flowing glacial river that is a tributary to the Copper River. It's known for it's productive king salmon and red salmon run, turquoise blue water, roaring rapids and tight canyons. The king salmon that swim up the Klutina River are some of the toughest fish around, they have to be, to brave the strong current. The Klutina River offers anglers easy access to some of the best Copper River salmon fishing in the region

Tonsina River

The Tonsina River is a remote glacially fed river with wild rapids, swift corners and lots of log jams. Th Tonsina River is another tributary to the Copper River that can have some of the best copper river king salmon fishing in the entire state of Alaska. The Tonsina River gets a long steady run of king salmon that are over 50 pounds! The Tonsina River is hard to access by foot and sees little fishing pressure.

Gulkana River

The slow moving blue water of the Gulkana River is home to a thriving population of rainbow trout, steelhead, king salmon, red salmon and arctic greyling. The Gulkana River is the perfect river for family camping trips in the wild Alaskan wilderness. The calming blue-waters are not glacially influenced and the water temperature can reach up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The Gulkana River is one of the prime Copper River Salmon fishing tributaries that is suitable for children.

Copper River

The massive Copper River is the lifeline for the people and animals of the Copper River Basin. The salmon that enter the Copper River system spawn in the many tributaries that feed the river bringing nutrients and food to an otherwise barren land. Local Alaskan residents may participate in a subsistence dip net fishery. Call from more information regarding our dip net charters (907) 822-5822

Copper River Salmon Charters
Klutina River Salmon Fishing
A View of the Upper Copper River
Gulkana River Fishing
The Tonsina Lake
The Upper Copper in Gakona, Alaska
Klutina River King Salmon

The Copper River has connected people and supported a healthy run of Pacific salmon for hundreds of years. Still today the shoreline remains mostly undeveloped and the surrounding land wild. The Copper River is the western border of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. The river is almost 300 miles long, flowing from the harsh interior, southerly, to the coastal wetlands, and into the Gulf of Alaska. The Copper River has hundreds of tributaries and here you can read about our favorites and find useful links to learn more about the region.

Some of Alaska's best fishing rivers

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