Klutina River

Class II-III


Glacier fed river

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Copper River Salmon Fishing on the areas best rivers!

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Klutina Fishing Clinic


1-2 Hours

The Klutina Special is a 1-2 hour fly-fishing clinic for Copper River Red Salmon.  Everything you need is included. We provide you with expert instruction and quality equipment.

Gulkana River

Class I - II

Canyon Rapids  III - IV

Bluewater (no glacier runoff)

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Mile 100 Old Richardson Highway Copper Center, AK 99573


The Klutina River is a glacially fed tributary to the Copper River and a great place to fish for the prized Copper River Salmon. Salmon Grove guided fishing trips offer anglers the opportunity to target both Copper River King salmon (chinook) and Copper River Red salmon (sockeye).  If you are visiting Copper Center don't miss our exciting full day Klutina River fishing trip.  Relax and enjoy the wilderness float while your fishing guide navigates the class III water of the Klutina River transporting you to the best fishing holes. You will get the opportunity to stand on the bank of the Klutina river with no one else around and cast for trophy salmon.  The Klutina River is home to several species of fish including; king salmon, red salmon, arctic grayling, rainbow trout, dolly varden and whitefish. The full day Klutina River fishing trip runs up to 19 river miles so you have a lot of water to cover.  The Salmon Grove Klutina River full day trips allows you time to target both Copper River sockeye salmon and the giant Copper River king salmon. The size of the king salmon on the Klutina River and the swift current will offer excitement for everyone and will rival any Alaskan fishing trip.

Half Day Fishing


5 Hours

The half day trip is a river rafting and fishing adventure for Copper River King Salmon or Copper River Red Salmon.

The only thing you need to bring is your fishing license. 


Copper River Salmon Fishing in Copper Center

The Gulkana River is a non-glacial tributary to the Copper River. The Gulkana River has an appealing uniqueness because it is a "blue" water river in the land of glacial silt and muddy water. Both the Copper River king salmon and Copper River Red Salmon run the Gulkana River. Salmon Grove offers a stunning full or half-day fishing adventure on the Gulkana River for the famous copper river salmon. This trip runs a lower stretch of the Gulkana River allowing anglers to position themselves in the prime locations to catch the early Copper River salmon runs. The June king salmon run on the Gulkana River will produce chrome king salmon that are among the best tasting fish. The red salmon run August and September. This unique fishing experience is a great option for children, first timers and experts! Depending on the time of your visit it may be possible to fish the Gulkana for red salmon, king salmon, arctic grayling and rainbow trout. The Gulkana is unlike any other Copper River tributary and is the most beautiful and scenic with lots of wildlife to see. The Gulkana River should be on your list of to-do Alaska fishing trips.


Full Day Fishing


8-10 Hours

The Full Day River Trip targets both Copper River King Salmon and the Copper River Red Salmon. You choose the river and we provide expert instruction, all the equipment and everything you need to fish it!